Corporate Finance Advisory

A financial strategy as a tool to generate value for shareholders.

For over thirty years, we have provided assistance to companies that seek to identify financial strategies to boost the value of their business.


Our Corporate Finance team works with a diversified client portfolio comprising large-sized domestic and foreign business groups as well as family and state-owned companies.


We provide advisory services to our clients' shareholders, directors and managers, to help them identify financial strategies that allow for the development of their business and the increase in the company value.


We apply a targeted approach, tailored to the specific needs and situation of each individual company, with ongoing follow-up.


Our team of Corporate Finance Advisory Services will assist your company in:


  • Capital Structure Optimization,
  • Business Value Management
  • Strategic Financial Planning,
  • Fund Management and Resource Allocation,
  • Business Opportunities Identification and Analysis, in line with your global strategy,
  • Identification and implementation of innovative financing alternatives,
  • Development of tailor-made financial models,
  • Identification and selection of KPIs for management tracking and control;
  • Risk management,
  • Dividend policy determination